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King vs. Burwell: What it Means for Your Patients

What are the implications of the Supreme Court's decision for patients with rheumatic disease?



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How do NSAIDS stack up to COX inhibitors and glucocortocoids in acute gout? This article summarizes a Cochrane review of 23 trials involving 2200 patients.

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A review of ischemic optic neuropathies--arteritic and nonarteritic.


How do patients with rheumatoid arthritis rate their health and well being? Their relationship with their physician? Two new surveys shed light.


Should you immunize your patients with rheumatoid arthritis against viral infections that could pose a danger to their health?

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The news from the PROMISSE study on pregnancy outcome in women with systemic lupus erythematosus is good for non-Hispanic white women and not so good for Hispanic white and African-American in women.

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NEJM weighs weak evidence of benefit against small risk of viscosupplementation for osteoarthritic knees and recommends against it.

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Adding rituximab to methotrexate improved outcomes in rheumatoid arthritis, without increasing adverse effects. There were some caveats, however.

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