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Continuing Coverage of ACR2014

The sessions may be finished, but information from the annual meeting of the American College of Rheumatology remains vitally important long after the last presentation has been given. Watch our ACR2014 topic center for continuing revelations from the event of the year.

Recent Content

Two new studies say that patients' descriptions of back or hip pain may have clinically valid utiliy in diagnosis of their conditions.

Can you guess what proportion of patients in private rheumatology practices can't follow instructions for taking methotrexate? The authors of this study offer some suggestions to improve adherence.

TechTalk: In a recent Twitter exchange, rheumatologists discussed the potential of the Olloclip, a newly updated IPhone 6 lens, for on-the-spot clinical imaging.

In 96-week extension data from a Phase 3 trial the tumor necrosis factor (TNF) inhibitor shows sustained improvements in symptoms of spondyloarthropathies, with no signs of new adverse events.

(ACR2014): This member of the Rheumatology Network Editorial Board liked two promising presentations about systemic sclerosis, and another that raised some provocative questions about which doctors we like to listen to.

Microchimerism ("blending" of cells) during pregnancy can confer genetic risks for rheumatoid arthritis in unexpected ways, according to this research on women with the disorder. It may also affect the risk for some men.

The firm Cadila is launching its biosimilar Exemptia in India for about 1/5 the price tag of Abbot's Humira. Most biosimilars to date are sold at roughly two-thirds the cost of the FDA-approved versions.

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