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Close to one-third of patients think their disease severity is worse than their doctor thinks it is.

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Patients who have RA and interstitial lung disease are at higher risk for dying than those who do not.

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Continuing azathioprine and prednisolone past 2 years from diagnosis was superior to withholding them.

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Targeting remission beyond low disease activity may not produce worthwhile functional gains.

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The increased risk of acute coronary syndromes and subsequent death is not the result of other cardiovascular risk factors.

Exposure to cold environments has been linked to disease development, and new findings may help prevention.

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This modality may enhance the diagnostic workup of patients with early arthralgia at risk for inflammatory arthritis.

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Best practices for the diagnosis and management of childhood rheumatologic disease is the goal of SHARE.

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Acute coronary syndrome incidence has declined but remains significantly higher in patients with rheumatoid arthritis.

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EULAR developed a comprehensive but practical update describing standardized procedures.


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