Osteoarthritis Research Society International 2014

Again this year, knees took center stage. Among our alerts:

Bracing Found to Help Knee OA (But Instructions Are Missing)
Braces help somewhat, but for whom, for how long, and when?

Mood and Coping: Modifiable Factors in the Onset of Knee OA Pain
The study finds tactics that help some patients to reduce the intensity of flares.


With some historical analysis, a British rheumatologist unearths a persuasive explanation for the emergence of rheumatoid arthritis when and where it did, in fact, arise.

Chlamydia trachomatis

About one in 20 patients with genital chlamydia, the most prevalent sexually transmitted disease in the US, progress to reactive arthritis. This is simple to treat, but devilish to detect and diagnose.

The latest of numerous tofacitinib trials in rheumatoid arthritis, this one (head-to-head against methotrexate monotherapy) has results in line with previous research. Like others, it is unable to resolve a major question about risk.

A new tool could help ophthalmologists who see uveitis collaborate in the early diagnosis of spondyloarthritis.

Charles Pritchard MD

(PODCAST) Good news for rheumatoid arthritis taking rituximab (and for those who infuse it): Speeding the infusion time does not increase infusion reactions.

(EULAR 2014) Predictors of continuing pain after rheumatoid arthritis treatment differ from those that predict inflammation. For TNF inhibitors at least, unresolved pain also contributes to treatment failure.

Are your patients with knee osteoarthritis quietly avoiding exercise, fearing it will worsen their pain? A new randomized trial shows they are mistaken: It eases pain. Another trial shows how much walking helps -- literally how much.


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