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How Bad Is Gout, How Soon? Hidden Answers from Modern Imaging

How Bad Is Gout, How Soon? Hidden Answers from Modern Imaging

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New imaging methods such as dual-energy tomography can reveal the most miniscule tophi among patients with gout, as described in this review, and other new imaging methods can diagnose gout among patients who are unsuitable for joint aspiration. They also have a promising future in outcomes research for therapies that can halt the damage that begins in the earliest stages of the disease.

Imaging in gout - What can we learn from MRI, CT, DECT and US?
Arthritis Research & Therapy | Nov 4, 2011 (Free abstract. Full text $19)



In this letter to the Annals fo the Rheumatic Diseases, rheumatologists from Italy describe a small MRI study revealing specific damage to the wrists among patients having their very first episode of gout.


RESULT:  MRI synovitis and bone lesions are common in acute gouty arthritis of the wrist even during the first attack
Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases | Dec 1, 2011 (Free abstract. Full text $19)


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