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A Nation in Motion Campaign Highlights Orthopedic Conditions

A Nation in Motion Campaign Highlights Orthopedic Conditions

A new national campaign launched by the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS), A Nation in Motion, highlights the value of orthopedic care. The campaign features inspiring stories of persons whose lives and mobility were enhanced by the orthopedic care that they received.

More than one-fourth of Americans have bone or joint health problems, making these concerns the biggest cause of lost work days in the United States, the AAOS noted. The organization offered the following statistics about bone and joint problems:

• In 2010, 29% of workplace injuries and illnesses required time away from work.
• Nearly 440 million days of work are missed each year because of bone and joint pain and injuries.
• New claims of disability are made each year (27.5% of new claims in 2010).
• In the past year, 26 million Americans missed work and an additional 77 million Americans visited their doctor because of bone or joint health problems.

In addition to hundreds of patient stories already featured on the Web site, an interactive game, A Nation in Motion The Game, illustrates when orthopedic care may be needed and how it can restore mobility throughout a patient's life. The game also provides players with relevant orthopedic facts and figures.

To learn more about the campaign, visit the Web site at http://anationinmotion.org. For more information on bone and joint health, visit http://orthoinfo.org.

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