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Leo Robert

Leo Robert

Leo Robert is Senior Editor at Consultantlive.com. Contact him by email here.



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What characteristics of new drugs might help predict safety issues years later? Find answers and tips on what classes to watch.

Special Report recap: the current and future state of RA patient care and what PCPs will need to know to do their part.

A new evidence-based clinical practice guideline addresses adverse events, surgical risks, and patient education

Only half of patients with hypertension have this dangerous condition under control. Highlights of 8 new studies, here.

Death from an opioid-related overdose is increasingly common. Take this brief quiz to test your knowledge of the latest research findings.

A second opioid Rx doubles the risk of opioid use at 1 year. This short slide show highlights more findings from studies into epidemic opioid misuse and abuse.

An array of new tools, perspectives, and guidelines to help navigate the gray areas have been reported in recent days.

What's normal and what's not when infants cry? Key findings of a new study are summarized in these slides.

Primary care can do more to help reduce gout morbidity, says a new review—plus 4 more studies on gout treatment and prevention.

Obstructive sleep apnea ups the risk for many other health issues. Click through a 6-slide summary of updated recommendations.


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