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Whitney L. Jackson

Whitney L. Jackson

Whitney L. Jackson is a freelance journalist for Diagnostic Imaging and Rheumatology Network. Based in Durham, N.C., Whitney has covered the healthcare industry and medicine for 15 years in newspapers, magazines and trade publications. She writes about radiology, rheumatology, nursing, ophthalmology, surgery, community & family medicine, and many other aspects of clinical care and health policy. She completed a press fellowship with the World Health Organization in Geneva, Switzerland, in 2013. Contact her at whitneyljhowell@gmail.com.

Posts by Author

Blood vessels (©Vlue/Shutterstock.com)

Mayo Clinic’s Dr. Eric Matteson and Dr. Sharon Chung of UCSF provide an update on advances in new treatments for vasculitis.

Anca D. Askanase, M.D., MPH

LFA-REAL offers a straight-forward evaluation for lupus-affected organ systems, a study shows.

Richard Alan Furie, M.D.

Anifrolumab, a type 1 interferon receptor antagonist, performs well in early trial, researchers show.

Sharon Kolasinski, M.D.

Patients sometimes insist on non-traditional therapies after a rheumatoid arthritis diagnosis. Their concerns shouldn't be ignored and instead, patients should be counseled on therapeutic options.

Radiology leaders are cautiously optimistic about payment programs.

Marcy B.Bolster, M.D.

Facing a growing shortage, rheumatology is looking to attract the next generation of providers.

Jonathan S. Hausmann, M.D.

Retaining international medical students, addressing student loan debt, mentoring and case-based teaching could possibly reverse the rheumatologist shortage, analysis says.

Experts discuss whether machines will replace radiologists at RSNA 2016.


There are few tests to accurately assess the degree and effects of lupus in children, but Ped-ANAM proves to be a promising option.

Lupus (©Designer491/Shutterstock.com)

Lupus patients who receive healthcare at more than one location face a greater risk of infection and comorbidities, research shows.


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