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Cardiovascular Diseases

Cardiovascular Diseases

Karim Sacre, M.D., of Paris University, EULAR 2017

EULAR 2017: Although already known to be highly prevalent, this test reveals that cardiovascular events are even more widespread in lupus.

In the context of metabolic syndrome, sleep is thought to be an added and modifiable risk factor.

A1C vs FPG to diagnose prediabetes; prediabetes and CHF; and how much weight loss is too much? Reports from ADA 2017.

The patient with hypertension and syncope had cardiac tamponade. Causes, symptoms, and treatment described here.

A man with a history of hypertension had syncope and felt “sweaty.” Chest x-ray was normal. What’s your next test?

Heme iron, nitrites, and nitrates are implicated in the largest study to date to show increased mortality risks linked to eating red meat.

A 56-year-old man comes to your office for two “spells” he’s had in the past three days, each lasting approximately 20-30 seconds before resolving spontaneously. The first was blurry vision in both eyes without other vision changes.


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