Rheumatology tests top the list of FDA-approved biomarker panels today. But the most prominent of these has fallen from favor, and rheumatology doesn't even rate a mention in the Precision Medicine Initiative.

The JAK1 and JAK2 inhibitor baricitinib has shown significant results in a second Phase 3 trial for rheumatoid arthritis.

Two biosimilars for the TNF inhibitor infliximab are now licensed and distributed in Europe. A German rheumatologist wonders what difference the option to prescribe Inflektra and Remsima will make, if any.

low back pain

Do you think heavy lifting with degenerative osteoarthritis is the major cause of low back pain? A new study designed to identify modifiable triggers finds relative youth, time of day, and perhaps lack of planning to be key factors.

Anticoagulants don't help even the rare patients with Behçet disease who present with vascular symptoms, a retrospective study shows. Persistence with other treatments, though, is imperative.

Registry data show that smokers with spondyloarthropathies have markedly less improvement in disease activity on TNF inhibitors. The evidence also suggests that quitting the smoking habit erases this disadvantage.

Antinuclear antibody testing and DEXA both appear on a new Canadian list of rheumatology tests to avoid and on a similar 2013 list from the American College of Rheumatology. There are interesting differences in the other 3 choices.


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