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ASBMR 2016 Recap

ASBMR 2016 Recap

  • Bone health consult (©ImagePointFrShutterstock.com)
    For complete conference coverage, visit: http://www.rheumatologynetwork.com/ASBMR-2016
  • For the complete article: http://www.rheumatologynetwork.com/ASBMR-2016/how-one-class-bisphosphonates-could-predict-vertebral-fractures
  • For the complete article: http://www.rheumatologynetwork.com/ASBMR-2016/hip-fractures-no-longer-downward-trend-us
  • For the complete article: http://www.rheumatologynetwork.com/ASBMR-2016/low-protein-and-osteoporosis-men
  • For the complete article: http://www.rheumatologynetwork.com/ASBMR-2016/fracture-assessment-tools-underutilized-study-shows
Bisphosphonates, bone health and more:  In this slideshow, we revisit some of the studies presented at the American Society for Bone and Mineral Research annual meeting, which took place Sept. 16-19 in Atlanta.


Useless information. All comments skirt the issue of the effect of Bisphosphonates when used for a prolong time.

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