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Wholesale vitamin D supplementation may not prevent osteoporosis, judges a review of clinical trials. Other news: A novel drug that directly targets IL-6 up for regulatory scrutiny, newfound mutations in Sjögren's syndrome, and why eczema itches.

Results from the Framingham Ostoporosis Study show that change in bone mineral density over baseline offers little predictive value. Also last week: More support for diet and exercise to reduce the pain of knee OA.

New in the general journals: A chart review suggests rethinking recommendations about monitoring osteoporosis treatments. Also: Stroke as a presenting symptom for fungus-infected spinal injections, and more ...

Multidetector-row computed tomography made changes in bone microarchitecture visible among bisphosphonate-treated patients with glucocorticoid-induced osteoporosis.

Post-menopausal women taking less than the standard 5 mg dose of zoledronate did just as well on bone density and turnover measures, according to a randomized trial.

New in the nonspecialty journals: A new option for patients with autoimmune disease and HCV infection. The value of combined therapy for osteoporosis. Prognosis predictors for chronic pain, a new opioid adverse effect, and more ...

New in the major nonspecialist journals: Bevra Hahn MD tells how she uses belimumab in lupus, a case report of an adverse effect of rituximab, a new proposal for identifying osteoporosis.


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