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Infrapatellar Pain in a Young Woman

Infrapatellar Pain in a Young Woman

A 23-year-old woman who reported experiencing direct trauma to her right knee on a hard surface 3 months earlier was admitted to the arthroscopy unit with complaints of decreased range of motion (flexion, 90°; extension, 75°) and intractable pain. She also had swelling in the knee. Physical examination revealed the “bulge sign,” a synovial fluid wave with squeezing of the knee at the medial aspect characteristic of small effusions. The patellar tendon and femoral condyles were tender to palpation with the knee extended.

Ultrasonography showed mild effusion that was remarkable on quadriceps contraction. The sulcus angle and trochlear depth were normal.

The patient underwent arthroscopy with resection of hypertrophic fat pad tissue in the infrapatellar area (photographs). A diagnosis was made with the arthroscopy. What does it show?

 What is your diagnosis?

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