Soumya Raychaudhuri MD

(ACR Pediatrics 2014) How will the hundreds of new genetic biomarkers being found in rheumatology help us to untangle the web of complex diseases? In a brief podcast, a specialist in both rheumatology and genetics discusses recent and future progress.

(AUDIO) What are immune-like cells doing in the central nervous system? Sending false signals when their controls go awry, as current research implies. Here the lead author of a recent review offers glimpses of a brighter future for relief of chronic pain syndromes.

(AUDIO) A gene defect that causes lupus-like symptoms in a mouse model has turned up as significant in some humans with lupus nephritis, offering a path toward predictive testing. Listen as the lead author reporting this study describes its findings and a timeline toward clinical applications.

More than a third of patients aren't taking DMARDs as guidelines unanimously recommend. Rheumatologist Richard Martin MD reveals insights from new research about why some patients resist the idea, and what you can do to help.

(AUDIO) Depression that complicates chronic inflammatory illness is not just a reaction to the symptoms, says internist/psychiatrist Andrew Cutler. Mediators of inflammation alter neurotransmitters, allowing new approaches that treat both conditions.

(AUDIO) Dr. Mark Shlomchik has won the first $200,000 Insight Prize for research that led toward new lupus drugs such as belimumab. In a brief recorded interview, hear how the award may help him find an explanation for the links between infection and lupus.

(AUDIO) Intensive analysis of protein pathways inside joints is showing strong activity among messengers involved in wound healing. In this podcast, learn about the new research that backs the vision of arthritis as a chronic wound, and the implications for management.


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