Author | Carol B. Lindsley, MD


Advances in pediatric rheumatology paving the way to better care

October 30, 2008

Advances in pediatric rheumatologic disease have pavedthe way to better outcomes for children. Anchoring an improved standardof care is the patient care team, including the primary carephysician, pediatric rheumatologist and associated rheumatologyhealth care personnel, and patient and family. Improved medicationshave expanded the treatment arsenal to include disease-modifyingantirheumatic drugs and biologic agents. The medical regimen can bebolstered with a program of healthy diet and exercise that focuses onsuch low-impact activities as swimming, stretching, and bicycling. Thepatient and family can work together to ensure that the child complieswith the prescribed treatment and also takes care to get adequate,restful sleep; manage stress; and protect bone. (J MusculoskelMed. 2008;25:505-512)