Author | Claude T. Moorman III, MD


Tackling football injuries: The lower extremity

May 26, 2008

Each position in football requires a specific set of skillsand predisposes the athlete to types of injury. Physicians need to recognizeand understand the most common patterns, make a diagnosisand provide treatment based on history, physical examination findings,and clinical acumen-all while recognizing and handling emergencysituations. Lower extremity injuries are the most common footballinjuries. The "hip pointer"may be mimicked by avulsion of thesartorius origin or the abdominal muscle attachments. Muscle contusionscan cause myositis ossificans or even lead to compartment syndrome.Noncontact knee injuries include anterior cruciate ligament(ACL) tears. Injuries to the ACL or menisci have been shown to lead toearly osteoarthritis. Inversion/eversion injuries include ankle fracturesand subtalar dislocations. Practical solutions have been developedfor injury prevention. (J Musculoskel Med. 2007;24:290-294)