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Author | Clayton Austin Everline, MD

New Directions Support Group of Abington PA



Differentiating osteopoikilosis from osteoblastic metastases

ABSTRACT: Osteopoikilosis is a rare, benign osteosclerotic dysplasiathat predominantly involves the appendicular skeleton. Radiographicfindings are diagnostic, and the disease often is discovered incidentallyon x-ray films. The importance of recognizing osteopoikilosis liesin differentiating it from osteoblastic metastases. The cause is unclear.Patients typically are asymptomatic. Diagnostic findings include theappearance of numerous small,well-defined, spheroid sclerotic foci.Because evidence suggests an association with skeletal and dermatologicalchanges, evaluation for coexisting pathological conditions maybe warranted. The differential diagnosis for a patient who has radiographiccharacteristics similar to those of osteopoikilosis includes osteoblasticmetastases, mastocytosis, tuberous sclerosis, melorheostosis,and osteopathia striata. (J Musculoskel Med. 2008;25:387-389)