Author | John Leddy, MD


Pediatric fractures in sports: Epidemiology and strategies for prevention

ABSTRACT: Sports activities are becoming increasingly popularamong children in the United States. The number of pediatric injuriescontinues to grow with the number of participants; up to25% of the injuries are fractures. The authors used a broad searchof databases and analyzed the current literature to help define theepidemiology and identify possible prevention strategies. Commonfracture locations include the distal radius, hand, elbow, and clavicle;90% of fractures involve the upper limb. Males sustain fracturestwice as often as females. The highest numbers of injuries occur inbicycle riding, basketball, football, and roller sports. Prospectivestudies of preventive strategies for pediatric sport fractures areurgently needed. (J Musculoskel Med. 2008;25:230-234, 254)