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Author | Kathleen Weber, MD




Cutaneous sural nerve injury after lateral ankle sprain: A case report

Our case report demonstrates the importance of conducting a thorough neurological examination in the evaluation of lateral ankle sprain. The patient, a dancer, reported an inversion injury to his ankle that was associated with lateral ankle pain, numbness, and paresthesia. The patient had positive Tinel test results over the distal portion of the leg in the distribution of the sural nerve. The diagnosis was a grade 1 lateral right ankle sprain complicated by an injury to the sural nerve. Treatment included scheduled anti-inflammatory medication and limited icing of the ankle. The patient returned 1 week later and reported significant improvement; after 1 month, he had returned to full activity. Knowledge of sural nerve anatomy is essential for examining physicians to make this diagnosis. (J Musculoskel Med. 2008;25:126-128)