Author | Laird Harrison


Type I Interferon Inhibitor May Benefit Lupus

September 24, 2020

Type I Interferon Inhibition Could Benefit Systemic Lupus Erythematosus

Giant Cell Arteritis Diagnosis and Treatment May Undergo Changes

September 24, 2020

The approval of tocilizumab for giant cell arteritis as a glucocorticoid-sparing treatment is the most significant development in the management of this condition over the past four years, a review of the literature suggests.

QUIZ: Diagnosis and Treatment of Early Rheumatoid Arthritis

March 26, 2020

The American College of Rheumatology recommends treating rheumatoid arthritis early in order to increase the chances of achieving and sustaining remission. Take our clinical quiz to learn more.

Glucosamine Supplements May Increase Intraocular Pressure

January 24, 2017

Over-the-counter treatment for joint pain commonly prescribed by physicians may increase intraocular pressure leading to glaucoma risk, new study suggests.