Author | Maria Gifford


5 Things Lupus Patients Want Their Doctors to Know

December 02, 2014

You're the clinical expert on lupus. But do misperceptions about the patient's experience get in the way of providing the best care? Here, a few insights from an expert on that other topic.

Treating Lupus Alone May Not Improve Comordbid Mood Disorders

December 02, 2014

(ACR2014) Mood disorders are common among lupus patients, but the lupus symptoms appear not to be the direct cause in many cases, according to an international study.

New Questionnaire Tracks Lupus Outcomes

December 01, 2014

(ACR2014) A team from Rush University says their new 10-point instrument developed should be useful to track lupus disease status for trials and in the clinic.

Large Study Finds Predictors of Depression in Lupus

October 31, 2014

Recent diagnosis of lupus and use of high doses of prednisone are among the chief predictors of depression in patients with SLE.