Author | Robert Afra, MD


Addressing patellofemoral pathology: Biomechanics and classification

May 28, 2008

There is no clear consensus about which therapiesshould be used for the various underlying pathologies that lead topatellofemoral problems. The major distinction in classification isbetween patellofemoral compression syndrome and patellofemoralinstability. Patients with the former are concerned primarily withpain; those with the latter have instability or pain or both. Patellarpain may manifest in the parapatellar area or radiate to the back ofthe knee. Persons' differing activity and conditioning levels maylead to patellofemoral pain variability. Patients with patellar instabilityinclude those with recurring frank patellar dislocations andthose with symptoms of subluxation. Patients who have patellar instabilitypresent with tears of the medial patellofemoral ligament;this is the "essential lesion" for patellar dislocation. (J MusculoskelMed. 2008;25:297-300)