Author | Simon Murray, MD


Do we need one more test to diagnose gout-related CVD?

December 20, 2019

The suggestion that DECT scans might add to our diagnostic ability to detect cardiac disease may be imprudent because we have tests at our disposal and have little need to increase diagnostic costs. Good clinical judgement, paying attention to traditional risk factors and to red flags, will increase the number of asymptomatic cardiac patients we choose to study with conventional methods.

Commentary: Infections and Cancer More Common in Rheumatology Than Previously Thought

December 11, 2019

Among the year's most noteworthy findings in rheumatology, includes a systemic review and meta-analysis that provides a better understanding of how common infections and cancer really are in patients treated with interleukin (IL) inhibitors. In this article, Dr. Murray offers his personal perspectives on the findings.