Author | Vijay B. Vad, MD


Managing Knee Osteoarthritis: Systemic Pharmacotherapy and Intra-Articular Treatments

September 17, 2012

Results of studies of systemic treatments for patients with osteoarthritis indicate significant positive effects on biomarkers that may be associated with disease progression but no significant effects on joint-space narrowing.

Managing Knee Osteoarthritis: Self-Help and Nonpharmacological Interventions

August 22, 2012

Early intervention for knee osteoarthritis is crucial to prevent disability, but what are the best alternatives to long-term medication? This review examines and compares self-help and alternative interventions including exercise, strength training, glucosamine/chondroitin, acupuncture, and walking aids.

Managing Knee Osteoarthritis: Rationale for Early Treatment

July 18, 2012

Attention to early diagnosis and intervention in osteoarthritis (OA) has increased, but which treatments may have the greatest benefit is unclear. However, available and emerging treatments can ameliorate progression.