Awkward Conversations

Awkward Conversations: The Rheumatic Disease Patient With Mental Illness

August 11, 2020

Patients with rheumatic disease tend to be at higher risk for developing a psychiatric disorder. This can complicate the treatment process at the detriment of the patient. In today's column, Dr. Kim Gorgens addresses managing a patient with mental illness.

Goldilocks: Promoting Collaborative Decision-Making

June 30, 2020

There are three traditional models of physician-patient decision-making. In rheumatology, patients overwhelmingly prefer a collaborative approach. In today's column, we review the decision-making process in the doctor's office.

Feeling anxious amidst COVID-19? That’s totally normal.

May 08, 2020

Stress from the possibility of infection can wreak havoc on the mental health and physical well-being of rheumatic disease patients. It usually affects patients in two ways: they either become experts at thwarting infectious disease or they succumb to the stress. In this video, Dr. Kim Gorgens offers tips for identifying stress and anxiety in your patients.