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New Diagnostic Tools will Revolutionize Rheumatology

Today’s therapeutic practices in rheumatology could one day go the way of the rotary telephone due to advances in imaging, proteomics and other areas.

The next generation of rheumatology patients could be unlike anything we have seen to date. Will DMARDs be a thing of the past? Corticosteroid treatment unnecessary? If disease is diagnosed before onset, traditional treatments could one day be increasingly unnecessary.In this slideshow, we summarize new advances in technology as told by William H. Robinson and Rong Mao in the Oct.  6, 2015 issue of Nature Reviews Rheumatology. New technology, they wrote, will aid in the understanding, diagnosis and treatment of rheumatic diseases in coming years.“The past 10 years have brought us a new raft of technological advances - both incremental and disruptive - that are enabling us to interrogate and manage rheumatic diseases with increasing sophistication,” Robinson and Mao write. 


“Technological advances transforming rheumatology,”Nature Rheumatology Reviews. DOI:10.1038/nrrheum.2015.137  Published online Oct. 6, 2015