Congress of Clinical Rheumatology (CCR)

Research Update: Cytokine Storm Syndrome

September 28, 2020

Various drug therapies, including several cytokine blockers, are showing promise in addressing COVID-19 related cytokine storm syndrome, says Dr. Randall Cron of Children’s Hospital of Alabama.

Reassessing CVD Risk in Rheumatic Disease

September 23, 2020

Some drugs used to treat lupus and other connective tissue diseases have been shown to increase cardiovascular risks. Even so, those drugs remain effective in addressing disease symptoms, and a leading rheumatology researcher has suggested that concerns may not be fully warranted.

The Future of Psoriatic Arthritis Treatment

September 23, 2020

New algorithms and more combination therapeutics are part of the future of psoriatic arthritis care. That’s according to Arthur Kavanaugh, M.D., a rheumatologist with UC San Diego Health who recently presented at the Congress of Clinical Rheumatology East annual meeting held this month.​

Diagnostic Options for Cognitive Dysfunction in Lupus

September 22, 2020

Cognitive impairment can be an ongoing issue for patients with rheumatic disease, such as lupus. A proper diagnosis includes a battery of tests, says Noa Shwartz, M.D., a physician-researcher with Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York.