Rheumatology Network

Joint Focus: Spondyloarthritis

For the first time, two societies devoted to spondyloarthropathies have met in joint session. Rheumatology Network was on site to learn the latest from the SPARTAN-GRAPPA conference:
-- Progress toward new PsA criteria ,
-- Impending North American guidelines on spondyloarthropathies, and
-- The growing voice of PsA patients in defining outcomes.

Recent Content

Macrophage activation syndrome, a devastating complication of some rheumatic conditions, shows pathologic similarities to a rare hereditary condition. Genetic studies imply that their similarities may be more than coincidental.

Eliglustat has a better safety profile than the existing approved oral drug for type 1 Gaucher disease, and is easier to take than enzyme replacement therapy.

A new international multicenter study of often-deadly macrophage activation syndrome in systemic JIA reveals key laboratory and clinical warning signs. Watch ferritin levels especially closely.

For psoriasis patients, dermatologists are told, liver biopsy results may be misleading after methotrexate treatment. Noninvasive methods of assessment are no worse, but need improving and standardizing.

A new auto-injectable form of methotrexate offers 10 dosage options. Is this an important advantage for medication management and adherence over the four already available?

Can you guess the cause of these skin lesions, given biopsy results and information about a comorbidity that may (or may not) be relevant?

An eight-year study of more than 100 patients with giant cell arteritis reveals that for the majority of patients it is not an isolated episode. Relapses tend to occur within two years, usually as polymyalgia rheumatica or cranial symptoms.

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