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Clues to Cryoglobulinemia: A Four-Part Quiz

These disorders of cold-induced immunoglobulin deposition are the prototypes of complex diagnosis. Only the labs will be definitive, but you need to have the presenting symptom patterns down cold in the first place. Are you up to the challenge?

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(VIDEO) The fourth "Sounding Out Arthritis" video demonstrates how to use ultrasound to distinguish gout from pseudogout, with a demonstration of probe placement and narrated ultrasound images and videos.

Polymyositis and dermatomyositis appear to be triggered by the response of certain receptors to danger signals from damaged cells. This offers a new avenue for treatments now in testing.

A VA study finds that a simple 30-minute test accurately assesses function and endurance in myositis patients.

A case study reviews appropriate diagnostic and treatment steps for diffuse alveolar hemorrhage, a rare but devastating comorbidity of lupus and vasculitis.

Overlaps between PsA and OA can produce diagnostic confusion. Multimodality imaging may help sort things out

Backed by 6 drug firms and 4 foundations, the National Institutes of Health has created a large network of top researchers charged wtih collaborating to comprehend lupus and rheumatoid arthritis at the cellular and molecular level.

The FDA has approved the PDE4 inhibitor apremilast (Otezla) for plaque psoriasis. It was already approved for psoriatic arthritis.

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