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Tech Tips Series #1: Managing the Information Barrage

Our goal at RheumNet is always to help you manage the constant flood of online information for rheumatologists. Here, in the first installment of a new series, Advisory Board member Suleman Bhana MD shares tips for saving, sorting, and retrieving journal articles.

Recent Content

The filgrastim biosimilar Zarxio, the first approved in the US, can be used to treat patients with acute myelogenous leukemia and bone marrow transplants, among other conditions. A biosimilar form of the rheumatology drug infliximab may be close on its heels.

There's good reason why it's difficult to "catch" rheumatoid arthritis early enough to assure remission. Patients with early symptoms seek care only when they sense a threat. (Can this be solved?)

The FDA has announced a new mobile app that offers updated information about drug shortages.

lupus nephritis

Lupus nephritis (LN) flares can arise for 15 years, a newly published longitudinal study shows. Other research reveals predictors of LN outcomes.

Rheumatology tests top the list of FDA-approved biomarker panels today. But the most prominent of these has fallen from favor, and rheumatology doesn't even rate a mention in the Precision Medicine Initiative.

medication risks

When it comes to discussing medication risks, a new study shows, rheumatologists and their patients are speaking different languages. The article reveals how doctors may be sending messages they don't intend.


About half of patients taking hydroxychloroquine, which is used for lupus and rheuamtoid arthritis, aren't tested in time for its blinding effects on the retina, says a review. There are simple ways to use the drug safely.

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