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Elderly falls (©Toa55/Shutterstock.com)

Brain changes that occur as a result of small vessel disease negatively effect gait in senior patients, research shows.


How a patient feels may be a better indicator of the effectiveness of treatment than actual disease activity, researchers say.

(Methotrexate subcutaneous and oral, photos courtesy of ©Teva Generics)

A higher initial dose of methotrexate is not always associated with better clinical outcomes for newly diagnosed rheumatoid arthritis patients, a study shows.

(Artery blocked with cholesterol ©BlueRingMedia/Shutterstock.com)

Anti-inflammatory treatment in rheumatoid arthritis patients, especially with infliximab added to methotrexate, improves HDL function and may potentially reduce cardiovascular risk, a study shows.


RA patients with low disease activity in the first trimester of pregnancy, are likely to have low disease activity or reach remission by the third trimester.

(Treatment for cancer cells. ©Lightspring/Shutterstock.com)

Rheumatologists are likely to encounter a wide variety of immune-related adverse events as use of immune checkpoint inhibitors expands.


The association between periodontal disease and rheumatoid arthritis has been well established in studies, but now researchers describe a mechanism that could explain this association.

(Blisters ©komkritPreechachanwat/Shutterstock.com)

Researchers have made an important discovery that may lead to new treatment for patients with bullous pemphigoid, a chronic autoimmune skin disease causing blisters.

(Strenth training @AdamGregor/Shutterstock.com)

The elderly can build lower limb bone strength with habitual weight-bearing exercises, not medium or low impact exercise, research shows.

(Side effects ©CatherineLall/Shutterstock.com)

Some biologics produce hypersensitivity reactions more than others, but for most, the events are low, researchers report.


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