Rheumatologists Get Their Act Together in Lupus Research

A new $6 million program coordinated by the National Institutes of Health is organizing collaborations among lupus and RA researchers. They will kick-start a better understanding of disease mechanisms by sharing data and biological samples.


The prevalence of, and risk factors for, hydroxychloroquine retinal toxicity
seem to be more common than previously recognized.

How often do doctors mistake signs of venous thromboembolism for rheumatic pain? Risk of VTE is increased in patients with some rheumatic diseases, and in those taking NSAIDs.

The oddly named cytokine, which regulates response to tissue damage, has turned up in recent research as an important factor in lupus comorbidities. Phase 2 studies targeting TWEAK are now under way.

Already discontinued for rheumatoid arthritis, the candidate drug tabalumab will no longer be tested for lupus either. Observers are taking a positive view of the situation.

Followup of the Hopkins Lupus Cohort shows cataracts relatively rare within a mean 4 years of followup, and suggests some ways to reduce the risk.

A vaccine now in testing, aimed at immune regulatory cells gone awry in lupus could be used for people at high risk, such as relatives of lupus patients.

herpes zoster

People who have rheumatoid or psoriatic arthritis or lupus are at increased risk for shingles. Studies suggest that treatment for the rheumatic condition may be a factor in certain circumstances.


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