Link Between Diet and Lupus Flares: Epigenetics

Sunlight and smoking can cause oxidative stress. Oxidizing agents perturb T cell function in lupus patients by affecting DNA demethylation, which changes gene regulation. Is this how environmental factors trigger or worsen lupus? Listen to Bruce Richardson MD telling how he plans to find out.


UK researchers say that having "switched off" autoimmunity in a mouse model of multiple sclerosis holds out new hope for lupus patients, among others. What can you say about it to those who hopefully inquire?

A new auto-injectable form of methotrexate offers 10 dosage options. Is this an important advantage for medication management and adherence over the four already available?

The first large-scale study of repeat hospitalizations in SLE finds one in six patients readmitted within 30 days of a hospitalization.

Low vitamin D, high disease damage in SLE may be clues to CVD risk and progression

A rare vasculitis that is fatal in adolescence turns out to be caused by a mutation in interferon that affects the JAK pathway. This has implications for other auto-inflammatory diseases including lupus.

(AUDIO) Bruce Richardson MD describes strong evidence that environmental sources such as sunlight and diet alter DNA processing to affect immune cell function and influence the course of lupus.

David Pisetsky MD

(AUDIO) David Pisetsky MD, new President-elect of the US Bone and Joint Initiative, offers his perspective.on the role of rheumatologists in a patient-centered, multidisciplinary medical future.


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