RheumaTip: Predictors of Depression in Lupus Patients

Not surprisingly, lupus patients on high-dose treatment with steroids are more likely than others to experience depression. Can you guess the other predictors?

  recent diagnosis
  recent history of a skin problem
  history of myelitis.


(ACR2014) Our rheumatologist correspondent found three issues of particular interest: a biomarker test that has gone quickly to market, new diagnostic criteria for gout, and the potential of ultrasound for Sjögren syndrome.

In lupus nephritis, tacrolimus combined with mycophenolate mofetil delivers better remission rates than cyclophosphamide alone.

Early comparisons of patients with rheumatic disease who use marijuana with those who don't show that the practice is not associated with better pain relief. But it is associated with some "sobering" consequences.

Doctors treating a patient for a lupus flare presenting as a fever were puzzled when her body temperature suddenly plunged. After solving the problem, they learned that it is rare but not unique -- and may be somewhat predictable.

deep vein thrombosis

This 14-year-old girl not only has lupus; she has also been diagnosed with arthritis, a vasculitic rash, and myositis. Can you guess what's actually going on here?

Recent diagnosis of lupus and use of high doses of prednisone are among the chief predictors of depression in patients with SLE.

Patients with early lupus nephritis show definite signs of deficient bone remodeling in a study that includes bone biopsies. They also have low vitamin D levels compared to healthy controls.


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