Shingles and Lupus: Does Treatment Boost the Risk?

Patients with lupus and other rheumatic diseases are at increased risk for shingles. A line of new research suggests that in some cases treatment may worsen the odds.


Can you guess what proportion of patients in private rheumatology practices can't follow instructions for taking methotrexate? The authors of this study offer some suggestions to improve adherence.

TechTalk: In a recent Twitter exchange, rheumatologists discussed the potential of the Olloclip, a newly updated IPhone 6 lens, for on-the-spot clinical imaging.

(ACR2014) Another Rheumatology Network Editorial Board member weighs in: Christopher Collins MD saw reason for great encouragement in a report about an interferon-α blocker for systemic lupus erythematosus.

For a patient who presented with symptoms of stroke, the initial diagnosis (antiphospholipid syndrome) proved secondary to the actual cause of endocarditis.

You're the clinical expert on lupus. But do misperceptions about the patient's experience get in the way of providing the best care? Here, a few insights from an expert on that other topic.

(ACR2014) Mood disorders are common among lupus patients, but the lupus symptoms appear not to be the direct cause in many cases, according to an international study.

(ACR2014) A team from Rush University says their new 10-point instrument developed should be useful to track lupus disease status for trials and in the clinic.


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