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Severity of Osteoarthritis Symptoms Often Overlooked

EULAR 2016:  Patients with osteoarthritis may carry a greater burden of disease than patients with rheumatoid arthritis, research shows.



Men and women want different things from their doctor and this may affect surgical outcomes, researchers reported at AAOS 2017 this week.

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Elderly women are at higher risk of acquiring a fragility fracture than men, yet men are more likely to die from their injuries, researchers reported at AAOS 2017 this week.

X-ray, Broken hip (©Muratart/Shutterstock.com)

A surprisingly low number of elderly hip fracture patients are consistently taking vitamin D, a supplement thought to be instrumental in preventing repeat fractures, shows a study presented at AAOS 2017 this week.

A review of administrative claims data suggests that physicians are not following the treatment guidelines for knee osteoarthritis, researchers report at AAOS 2017.

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The burden of arthritis is increasing on the nation as a whole and on individual patients, the CDC states in a new report.

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A study spanning 18 years confirms that arthritis is up, people are being diagnosed at a younger age and with a higher BMI.


A new study finds that vitamin D supplementation is associated with lower rates of acute respiratory tract infections, especially in people who are vitamin D deficient.


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