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Beyond Zika: 7 Things Rheumatologists Should Know about Chikungunya

Cleveland Clinic's Leonard Calabrese, D.O., talks with Rheumatology Network about chikungunya, a mosquito-borne viral disease that mimics arthritis. (nechaevkon/Shutterstock.com)



The lack of patient-doctor communication about osteoarthritis symptoms leaves patients in quandary about their condition, a study shows.


Foot orthoses and rocker soles can reduce pressure under the first metatarsophalangeal joint associated with osteoarthritis.

The authors of a newly published study in Arthritis Care & Research set out to answer an ambiguous question in osteoarthritis: How do physicians and patients define “worsening condition?”


Total knee replacement with nonsurgical treatments provides better pain relief and improved function as compared to nonsurgical treatments alone.

Men and women with incident bone fractures face increased mortality by two, but even higher for those with proximal fractures.

Intensive physical therapy paired with booster sessions works in patients with knee osteoarthritis, study shows.


In knee osteoarthritis, practicing tai chi weekly can be as effective in treating pain as weekly physical therapy.


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