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Rheumatic Diseases

10 Ways to Avoid Fatal Methotrexate Errors

Three recent cases of fatal reactions to low­-dose oral methotrexate due to interactions and dosing errors highlight the need to improve safety.


Rheumatic Diseases

Is this on your radar? A herpes zoster infection can lead to stroke in some RA patients. Learn more in this interview with Dr. Jeffrey Curtis.

(Gastrointestinal tract. © Tefi/Shutterstock.com)

Gastrointestinal involvement is known to be associated with primary vasculitis. But in some cases, it may be IBD with secondary vasculitis, this review shows.

Raynaud’s phenomenon (©Twinschoice/Shutterstock.com)

In this slideshow, we summarize the difference between primary and secondary Raynaud’s phenomenon and recommended treatments.

Cold hands (©ImagePointFr/Shutterstock.com)

The onset of Raynaud's phenomenon at 40 years could predict whether a connective tissue disease will develop.


In this story, we revisit the clinical trials that led to the approval of adalimumab for uveitis.


Polymyalgia rheumatica and giant cell arteritis frequently occur together. And, while both share elevated inflammatory markers, their diagnosis and treatment differ, researchers write in JAMA.

Guttate and other psoriasis may be confused with other rashes and skin lesions. Scratch the surface of your knowledge with this crash quiz.


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