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Your Most Challenging Case Contest!

Do you have a case that can teach and inspire other clinicians?


Do you have a case that can teach and inspire other clinicians?

We invite you to share your story of a challenging case involving a rheumatologic diagnosis that you believe ultimately made you a better clinician. Winners and honorable mentions will be chosen by the RheumatologyNetwork editorial team in consultation with the Editorial Board members.

Your story could win:

• Glory and fame! (Your essay, headshot, and bio posted on www.RheumatologyNetwork.com and PatientCareOnline.com, shared via newsletter and on social media.)

• $500 grand prize for first place!
. $150 for second place
. $100 for third place

Here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing (but don’t let these limit your thinking).

Consider a time when you:
. Diagnosed a rheumatologic disease that presented in an atypical manner
. Made a very early diagnosis based on minimal symptoms that proved correct
. Recommended therapy that changed the likely course of the disease
. Ordered tests that weren’t in the “guidelines” that proved pivotal to the outcome
. Learned a key lesson from a patient that made you a better clinician

How to enter:
• Send us your story in a Word document (800 to 1200 words).
• Please include your name and contact email on your submission.
• Email your essay to Julie.Bowen@UBM.com and put “ENTRY” in the subject head.

Please be sure to remove identifying patient information or change any details that so that the patient cannot be recognized.

• All entries must be received on or before February 19, 2018 .

See Contest Rules and Regulations here.