Author | Walter Alexander


Brain Changes from Small Vessel Disease Demonstrated by Impaired Gait Speed

February 13, 2017

Brain changes that occur as a result of small vessel disease negatively effect gait in senior patients, research shows.

Measuring the Value of How a Patient “Feels”

February 06, 2017

How a patient feels may be a better indicator of the effectiveness of treatment than actual disease activity, researchers say.

More Methotrexate Not Always Better

January 31, 2017

A higher initial dose of methotrexate is not always associated with better clinical outcomes for newly diagnosed rheumatoid arthritis patients, a study shows.

HDL Cholesterol Improves in RA with Anti-inflammatory Treatment

January 31, 2017

Anti-inflammatory treatment in rheumatoid arthritis patients, especially with infliximab added to methotrexate, improves HDL function and may potentially reduce cardiovascular risk, a study shows.